I often get asked about where the ‘Little Sister Invitations’ name comes from, so I thought I would take this opportunity to share a little about how Little Sister came to be! Quite simply put, Little Sister Invitations stems from the fact the I myself am a ‘little sister’! To my two older brothers, David & Matthew.

It all started from a career in graphics, a love of all things stationery and a passion for designing beautiful invitations. Like most graphic designers, I started out doing invitations as favours for friends and family, but I quickly realised that I got true joy out of making invitations. It was something that just ‘clicked’ for me, and allowed me to start my love affair with ribbons, buckles Little Sister Brothersand more importantly, paper! Deciding that this was a career I’d like to pursue, I needed a name.  After toying around with various different names like table graphics, gumboot designs (this was the front runner for a while!) my annoying, but ultimately loving big brother David decided to be helpful one evening and write down some ideas for me after I had left the room. Apart from ideas like stinky sister graphics and annoying sister designs, he also suggested Big Sister graphics, which really struck a cord with me. When I saw all the ‘helpful’ ideas he’d given me, I thought, “Well, I’m not a big sister, but I am a little sister!” And so Little Sister Invitations was born!
I love helping all people choose the perfect stationery to match their event, whether it’s a birthday, wedding or corporate function, I just love helping take away that pain of organising the invitations. My strong graphic design background of over 10 years, gives me a solid understanding of all things printing, and gives me the knowledge to design with practicality in mind. Where others companies might just design what looks good on screen, I have the know how to ensure the end result will look fantastic as well. Having all the proper tools, contacts and some of the best materials and equipment going around, allows me to get jobs done efficiently, correctly and the most cost effective way.


My recent investment into white ink printing means my graphic design knowledge can be utilised even more to create visually stunning invitations.Kris and Megan about It was indeed the driving force behind my current branding, and sparked a passion in me even greater than when I first went into business!
Whilst I do operate from a home office, I only use the best products and outsource all printing, bar my white print work, to a professional digital printer. So you can always guarantee your job will be to the highest quality. Being a home office means I also reduce my overheads which means a more competitive price for you without skimping on standard.

Lastly, Little Sister Invitations would not be possible without the support of my loving and amazing husband. He is the one that continues to have faith in what I do and encourages me every day to chase my dreams. Even if he has expressed to me that perhaps I should have gone into cakes, as they taste better than paper 😛 , I count myself extremely lucky to have such a supportive partner by my side. Along with friends and family, they are my biggest advocates and without them I couldn’t help you achieve your dream invitations.