Ok, so I’m the first to admit that I have a bit of a paper obsession. My fiancé is forever commenting that my office looks like a paper bomb hit it and constantly asks me ‘So when did you get this new paper and how much was it?’ to which I often reply ‘oh that one, nah I’ve had that design for ages, it was on special’ (sound familiar ladies?!) So I thought I would share with you my top 5 favourite designs. It was hard to only choose 5, but these ones really stand out for me!

5. Botany

Elizabeth - Full Invitation

Recycled paper is fast becoming a very popular paper. Being 100% recyclable and Australian made, Botany is not only fabulous for our precious environment, but it also has a fantastic rustic feel that helps set the perfect tone for outdoor and farm style events.



4. Zsa Zsa

Angela - Wedding

If you are wanting to add a little texture to your invitations, Zsa Zsa is the paper for you.  It comes in 26 colours so you’re almost certain to find one that suits your theme. I love the feel of Zsa Zsa and think it helps give any invite a little something extra to help it stand out.



3. Claire

Claire - Wedding Invitation

Where do I start with Claire?! I love this stunning design and think it says romance all over, particularly the blue. Available in blue, orange on a metallic white base and also printed on Botany, it is very diverse and versatile paper that I could use it over and over!



2. Pebbled

Amber - Wedding Invitation
Like Zsa Zsa, if you want to add an extra element to an invitation, the different range of pebbled look papers are the way to go. Also available in a selection of colours including purple, black and white to name a few, they can be the perfect addition to a design to help lift it off the page.


1. French Lace

IMG_0153 - rachel set
My absolute favourite paper right now, French lace. It comes in 3 colours and to me, is the ultimate vintage paper. Vintage styled events are very popular at the moment and when you pair ‘French Lace’ with some ribbon and a diamanté buckle, it helps set the tone for a very swish affair indeed!


These are just a few of my favourites, but the possibilities are literally endless in paper, there are so many different textures, patterns and designs out there that you are almost guaranteed to find something for you and to compliment your special event whether it be a baby shower, wedding invitation or birthday party, there’s a style for you.  If you see a paper you like but had a different theme in mind, contact me and we can create something really special that is totally unique to you!

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