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Sophia Jane

A twist on our already beautiful white ink on kraft Sophia, the Sophia Jane utilises the super practical tri-fold design. Being an all-in-one style, she's economical without having to compromise on quality and saves you money. The tear-away RSVP is also a great feature, which once detached and returned, your information is still kept together in one easy place for your guest.

Size: 135mm wide x 98mm high (folded), 140mm wide x 295mm high (flat)
Materials: Recycled Kraft stock. (other stocks available)
Inclusions: Matching Kraft Blank Envelope (envelope personalistation available).

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One of our more popular ladies, how could you not fall in love with this stunning invitation. The perfect mix of classic lace and vintage/rustic style makes for a truly gorgeous invite your guests will love. With a pocket folder included, Riley has the added bonus of having all your extra information in the one place.

Size: 120mm wide x 170mm high
Materials: 100% Recycled card stock folder with inside pocket. Metallic ivory information layer, metallic ivory card stock inserts, lace wrap around with burlap ribbon and twine detail. Customisable swing tag.
Inclusions: Recycled or Ivory Blank Envelope (envelope personalistation available). Includes 2 x information cards changeable to what you need.

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It's a case of rustic meets the seaside with this square pocket style invitation. With the practicality of a pocket style design to keep all elements together, Alexis is perfect for those laid back beach side celebrations.

Size: 145mm wide x 145mm high
Materials: Recycled card pocket folder. Navy card inserts
Inclusions: Matching recycled or blue Blank Envelope (personalistation available)

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Kylie is a very popular design incorporating those rustic toning's with a bird and vine motif, perfect for winery or outdoor weddings. With the practicality of having your wishing well and RSVP all grouped together, your guests' will appreciate it all being together in one easy place.

Size: 210mm wide x 95mm high
Materials: 100% Recycled card stock, hessian strip, twine bow
Inclusions: Matching Recycled Blank Envelope (envelope personalistation available).

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A firm favourite for winery and rustic themed weddings, Elizabeth is the perfect invitation for simplicity while still keeping the additional information cards together.

Size: 210mm wide x 95mm high
Materials: 100% Recycled card with hessian strip and raffia bow
Inclusions: Matching Blank Envelope (envelope personalistation available) 3 x information cards (interchangeable details, ie. RSVP, Wishing Well details, Accommodation etc.)

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