All designs are exclusive and original to Little Sister Invitations. It is illegal to reproduce any design without express permission from Little Sister Invitations. All copyright is owned and reserved by Little Sister Invitations and all designs are protected by copyright law. All intellectual property rights in the invitations is also owned byLittle Sister Invitations.


A 50% deposit is required to place an order. The remaining 50% is required upon completion of the order, prior to delivery.

Our preferred payment methods is Direct Bank Deposit, however credit card and cash payments can be arranged by request.
When making a Direct Bank Deposit, the invoice number must be included in the description section.

Once paid, the deposit is not refundable, as it will be retained by Little Sister Invitations to offset the costs and losses arising as a result of a cancellation. Any modifications to the order subsequent to payment of the deposit may result in additional charges being incurred and charged to the client. Refunds will be offered at Little Sister Invitations’ discretion.

Quotes are valid for 30 days and by paying a deposit, the client agrees to the terms and conditions stated on the client’s quote. Once validity has elapsed, any timelines outlined for completion of the order are no longer valid, and a revised timeline will need to be agreed upon between the client and Little Sister Invitations before paying the deposit.

Guest Details

Completed final guest lists should be emailed on a total of one spreadsheet, with missing information the sole responsibility of the client. ie. missing postcodes or suburbs etc.

Additions or changes to original guest lists are to be supplied in one return email. Where revisions have been supplied over multiple emails, Little Sister Invitations will not be held responsible for errors or missed revisions.

Little Sister Invitations strongly suggest testing any pen’s that are to be used to write on the invitations first, to avoid smudging or poor written results.

Errors or Mistakes

Little Sister Invitations will email a PDF proof to the client for their approval prior to printing. We strongly suggest you have at least 2 other people look over your proofs to avoid any mistakes being missed. Written approval (via email) must be given before any printing proceeds. Any alterations that occur after approval has been given may incur a fee which will be decided at Little Sister Invitations discretion.

When checking the PDF proof, the client should be aware that the appearance of colours and images in the finished product may vary as to how they look on their computer screen or how their printer prints them. This may be due to variations in monitors, printing process and the paper on which they are printed.

If the error is on the behalf of Little Sister Invitations, reprints will be re-done free of charge. If the error is proved to have been within the wording submitted by the client or have been approved by the client, the full cost of the reprint will be absorbed by the client. It is the client’s responsibility to check all wording and layout to ensure it is correct before authorising the proof. This includes names and addresses provided by the client.

Being that the majority of our products are hand made items, minor variations betweens items may occur and are characteristic of nature of Little Sister Invitations’ products.


The client will be responsible for posting invitations to their guests. It is the client’s responsibility that they use the correct postage. The correct postage can be confirmed with Australia Post to avoid problems with delivery. Please see our handy guide on postage guidelines here.


Little Sister Invitations’ goods are delivered via Australia Post and all orders carry a $20 postage and handling charge to cover this cost. A signature on delivery is required for proof of delivery; Little Sister Invitations recommend having your invitations and goods delivered to somewhere it will be able to be signed for, like a work or office with reception.

Little Sister Invitations endeavour to pack all items to reduce any chance of damage by using sturdy boxes and wrapping your invitations in bubble wrap.Little Sister Invitations’ encourages you to open and inspect the order as soon as it is received to ensure it is in good condition. Little Sister Invitations take every precaution to ensure that your order reaches you in perfect condition. However Little Sister Invitations cannot be held liable for any damage or charges caused by a third party making delivery of the invitations, including but not limited to loss, delays or damages, or for circumstances beyond Little Sister Invitations’ control. If you are concerned about damages, Little Sister Invitations’ strongly suggest you take out insurance on your package. Prices can be obtained by contacting us.


If the client is providing an image for use on their invitations:
Little Sister Invitations will not be responsible for variations in colour or quality due to the printing processes, or for flaws in the image that the client has supplied.

By supplying images to Little Sister Invitations for use in invitations, the client warrants that:

1. The client is the parent or guardian of the baby or child, or have obtained the consent of the parent or guardian to use the photos provided.

2. The client has the legal right to use any pictures they supply. If the client’s images have been provided to the client by a professional photographer, they may be protected by copyright laws and cannot be reproduced without permission from the photographer.

By supplying images to Little Sister Invitations the client agrees to hold harmless and to indemnify Little Sister Invitations, for all liability, damages, and expenses it may incur as a result of processing and printing copy written photographs and reproductions, including any other person claiming an interest in the photos.

Force Majeure

Little Sister Invitations shall not be liable to the client or deemed to be in breach of contract by reason of any delay in performance, or failure to perform any of Little Sister Invitations obligations in relation to the goods, if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond Little Sister Invitations control. Causes beyond Little Sister Invitations control include but are not limited to, difficulties in obtaining raw materials, labour, fuel, acts of God, war or threat of war, breakdown in machinery, strikes, lock-outs, other industrial action or trade disputes whether by Little Sister Invitations or a third party.